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Honey Massage /Russian Style.

honey massage in athens

A very Russian style massage which not only will offer the nutritious ingredients of honey but will also moisturize your skin, make your body leaner and offers a glow of hapiness.Honey massage contains many important nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium as well as numerous vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics.Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerian the Mayas appreciated honey. The Greeks believed that prolonged life which is true in a way and used to ceremonial offers, making pills, covering the wounds, the customs. Honey among other rich products was offered as a gift in marriages. So, honey spiced up will spice up your massage experience. Try it after a reservation.

1 hour -1 hour 30 minutes. 40 €.

Complimentary herbal drink, liquer or candies  are offered before and after the massage, Slippers, One use underwear for men and women are offered if needed, free wi-fi, books and a very relaxing place. Enjoy; Please make your reservation in advance, if unavailable especially in the evenings please text us to call you back to arrange a massage senssion.

Massage Tip: A glowing experience with Honey Russian style nowdays. An old Greek remedy enhancing skin nutrition and maybe prolonging  life as Greeks believed.....

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