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Indian Head and back massage a very relaxing experience.

Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy that focusses on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears and face It is a safe, simple yet effective therapy.

Indian Head Massage can help to unknot blockages and relieve the build up of tension.

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The massage made is up of three elements:

1. The neck and shoulder massage helps lymphatic drainage, eliminate muscle tension and stimulate circulation. This helps to disperse waste material from the body and distribute oxygen to all tissues.

2. The Head Massage stimulates and improves scalp circulation which improves the strength texture and growth of hair.

3. The Face Massage soothes and rebalances your energy flow, making you feel calm and tranquil.

Other benefits are restoration of joint mobility, the relief of eyestrain, jawache, tinnitus, sinnusitis and insomnia. Knots and nodules in the muscles can be broken down, the dispersal of toxins from knotted muscles and the loosening of the scalp are promoted.

Typically a sense of calmness, release of anxiety, increased levels of concentration and clearer thinking are experienced.

Complimentary herbal drink, liquer or candies  are offered before and after the massage, Slippers, One use underwear for men and women are offered if needed, free wi-fi, books and a very relaxing place. Enjoy; Please make your reservation in advance, if unavailable especially in the evenings please text us to call you back to arrange a massage senssion.Please have two hours at your disposal. 40 €.

Massage Tip: Stress many thoughts make us depressed head massage will release you, ask it with your main massage free of charge also try our facials . They are amazing;

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