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Please note: 

*Cooperate with many clinics in Athens you can have a session there or in my space in Kypseli area.
* Make reservation, no walk in accepted.
*I’m always available if you book me in advance also viber/whats up 0030-6939186551.
* Your massage can be strong or soft, depending on the needs of your body.
* I provide organic massage oils,exotic essential oils(free),fresh and clean towels and soothing, relaxing music.
* No gift to third persons accepted, all senssions are private, you will receive secret guidance, no couples accepted.
* I offer professional massage services to everyone, women and men. No escorting services.
* Please note this is higly therapeutic & effective massage.

*You will be amazed; We are special, we offer special massage try the Therapeutic is Deep Tissue with Greek herbs and aromatherapy. Have 2 hours please. We offer quality treatments, so appointmentment is required. We concider human nature  God like, so you will meet energie God like as your nature will be celebrated. We might ask you not to bah after the senssion for two days.

*If not available please leave a text message and I ll reply you.



Anatolians Massage Therapies. Athens Center.

Velvendou 10, Kipseli, 113 63, Athens.

Currently closed to the public-only members.

Anatolians Massage North-Chalandri Area.

Platon Plaza Center-2nd Floor, Platonos 7, 152 34, Chalandri, Athens.

Second Floor at Platon Plaza Center (Platonos Street) in the Pedestrian Main Market Area close to Agia Paraskeyi or Chalandri Metro M3.

Tel. 0030-6939186551

Whats Up or viber is agood to contact in case we are in a senssion.

Fully qualified and insured professional massage therapists with over 10 yrs of experience working in Greece, UK. 
Our team is international male and females with stydies in Humanistic sciences and our aim is to give real hollistic massages touching your wholebeing.
 Please have two hours. We have 3 different places in Athens. In order to book you will receive confirmation with the address from the therapist you will meet. No mobile services, no couples, every treatment is strictly individual. For foreigners try Halandri Anatolians Masage where is safe and an area you should see in Athens.
Whether you are looking for a Relaxing massage,Deep Tissue,Sport Massage,Swedish Massage my mobile massages are the perfect way to relax your mind, body and spirit. 

Sms Text/Call/Viber/Whats Up 0030 6939186551

Massage Lessons

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