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The Greeks & Egyptians Massage.
ancient greek remedies

When Beauty is a must in a healthy society thats the way should be then only sweet rich flavours should be used to massage the men pracious bodies. A very useful and sensational Beauty treatment with milk honey herbs aromatherapy that smells nice and will travel you back to Nestoras Baths In Ancient Mesini in Peloponeese, the Cleopatras Beauty Baths and the Corinthians Temple Baths. The Ancients believed that you had to be beautiful to present yourself in the face of the Gods in order to ask for reserve your Egyptian Massage with Organic fresh products today and spoil yourself and the Gods.

Please have two hours at your disposal. 40 €.

Complimentary herbal drink, liquer or candies  are offered before and after the massage, Slippers, One use underwear for men and women are offered if needed, free wi-fi, books and a very relaxing place. Enjoy; Please make your reservation in advance, if unavailable especially in the evenings please text us to call you back to arrange a massage senssion.

Massage Tips. A herbal bath and a milk honey massage will rejuvenate your skin and your soul.

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