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Hot Stones massage with complimentary Greek  aromatherapy.

Complimentary herbal drink, liquer or candies  are offered before and after the massage, Slippers, One use underwear for men and women are offered if needed, free wi-fi, books and a very relaxing place. Enjoy;

Hot stone therapy / massage is considered more gentle to the body compared with Swedish massage or deep tissue massage since the hot stone practitioner uses the stone instead of their hands to massage. However gentle it may seem, the therapists at the Therapy Rooms are able to reach three times deeper during the massage than through the use of mere fingers making it more intense than a regular Swedish massage. Hot stones massage offers:

• Muscle relaxation 
• Easing stress and recharge your energy levels
• Releases toxins 
• Improves blood circulation 

With aromatherapy spring flowers, forest sounds, a massage hymn to forest nature, becomes a very natural sensational experience massage for men and women.

Please have two hours at your disposal. 40 €.

Please make your reservation in advance, if unavailable especially in the evenings please text us to call you back to arrange a massage senssion.

Massage Hot Stone Tip: Some of our hotstones are volcanic from Santorini and milos island in Greece.

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